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A great day of fishing on a inshore charter fishing trip out of venice la.
A limit of speckled trout caught on an inshore fishing trip out of venice la


Get ready for the trip of a lifetime as we target Redfish, Speckled trout, Sheepshead, Flounder and Black Drum in the Mississippi delta.    You will quickly find out why Venice, LA is referred to as the "Redfish Capital of the World".   Inshore fishing at the mouth of the Mississippi River is a unique experience that is second to none. A Venice LA charter fishing trip is a one of a kind experience as our charter captain navigates the waterways as he heads to the fishing grounds for the day. From the roseau cane shorelines to the rock jetties at the mouth of the Mississippi River Delta, the fishing habitat is second to none.  Redfish thrive in the habitat Venice Louisiana offers where they have an abundance of bait in the waters year round.  Redfish Charters in Venice Louisiana will provide you with drag screaming action you will remember.   Don't settle for a part time fishing guide, give us a call and fish with a full-time guide service run and operated by professionals.  

A limit of redfish caught while inshore fishing in venice la
Giant redfish caught inshore fishing in venice la while on a charter fishing trip.

Blue Line Charter Service looks forward to showing you the redfish charter of a lifetime in Venice Louisiana. We are a charter fishing company like no other out of Venice Marina. Whether you want to use live bait or artificial lures to target redfish we have you covered. Let us show you why Venice Louisiana is known as the "Redfish Capital of the World" as well as a "Sportsmans Paradise." From slot eating size redfish to huge bull redfish, Venice Louisiana offers a one-of-a-kind experience at the mouth of the Mississippi River Delta. Venice offers our clients an inshore fishing charter experience like no other as they quickly learn why it has earned the nickname of the redfish capital of the world. The coastal waters of Venice Louisiana thrive with bait and sportfish due to the unique habitat created by the Mississippi Delta. The coastal waters around Venice Louisiana offer hundreds of miles of habitat where redfish thrive. We specialize in guided fishing trips where we are proud to give our clients a redfish fishing experience they won't forget. Catching redfish is often the choice of anglers however we often catch speckled trout, black drum, flounder and sheepshead during our inshore fishing charters. Redfish also are found near the near coastal oil rigs along with Cobia, Red Snapper, mangrove snapper and countless other species.

Blue Line Charter Service is ready to show you the fishing charter trip of a lifetime in Venice LA. Inshore fishing offers our clients the chance to catch diverse fish species while exploring the Mississippi River Delta in a Blue Line Charter Service boat. The Mississippi River waters along with the Gulf of Mexico offers a year-round fishery. When asked when the best fishing in Venice LA is, I always reply that the best fishing is whatever day you book your fishing charter on. There's nothing quite like inshore fishing in the coastal waters around Venice. This "Sportsmen's Paradise" is one of the few places in the world where you can hook a large-mouth bass, bull Redfish and a yellowmouth speckled trout in the same spot while on your fishing trip. Blue Line guides are the best in the business who look forward to showing you why Venice, La is unique. Our inshore charters fish all the unique environments Venice Louisiana has to offer. Fishing charters in Venice offers unlimited fishing options. Your spots for the day can include the Roseau cane shorelines to the Chandeleur Barrier Islands, the rock jetties at the mouth of the Mississippi River Delta and the near coastal oil rigs. Great fishing is an understatement in Venice Louisiana, where anglers have the chance to catch a huge variety of fish species whether using live bait or artificial lures. The shallow waters of Venice are home to Redfish, Black Drum, Sheepshead, Speckled Trout and flounder to name a few. Then as you venture to the near coastal oil rigs at the mouth of the Mississippi River Delta be ready to catch Red Snapper, Triple tail, Cobia and mangrove snapper along with countless other species. We also are partnered with the best offshore fishing charter companies in Venice Louisiana if you want to experience an offshore adventure in the deep sea fishing word of the Gulf of Mexico. The Mississippi River Delta waters empty into the Gulf of Mexico which provides unlimited nutrients and a perfect habitat for offshore fish species. Be prepared to target Yellowfin Tuna, Blue Marlin, Swordfish, Red Snapper, Grouper, Cobia, Amberjack along with countless other species. Just let us know and we can get your offshore charter lined up for you. But for so many anglers aboard the boat, the targeted species is the famous Bull Redfish who thrive in the nutrient rich waters of Venice Louisiana. The Redfish Capital of the World is a fishing paradise. Big Bull Redfish are caught year-round but school up in the fall months along the coastal waters. These giant schools of Bull Redfish draw anglers from all over the world to Venice Louisiana to have the chance to see these spectacular schools of bull reds crashing into baits. Blue Line Inshore fishing trips for Venice Redfish will get your blood pumping and your arms tired by the end of your charter. Give us a call to get your inshore trip or offshore trip booked today. Just bring your fishing license and get on the boat. Then after a great day of fishing we can drop you off at one of our lodging options for the evening. Fishing is great from Summer to Winter and in the Spring and Fall so just pick a season and get your trip lined up.


 Blue Line Charter Service has become one of the Premier tripletail charter guide services in Venice, LA.  Our results speak for themselves when it comes to consistently landing monster tripletail with our clients on their charter fishing trip.  We had the #8 Tripletail (Louisiana #8 in the record books) caught in 2022 by one of our clients. During your tripletail charter fishing trip we will target the near coastal oil rigs and well heads for the tripletail during your charter. The power a tripletail  is unreal as it screams drag from your reel headed back towards the well head as it attempts to get away.  Venice LA offers the finest tripletail fishing in the world as anglers come from all over to have the chance of catching a record tripletail.  Venice Louisiana should also be known as the “tripletail capital of the world” as well as the “Redfish Capital of the World.”  Before heading in your Charter Guide will take you into the interior of the Mississippi Delta to target redfish depending on the time. 

Tripletail in venice louisiana  caught while charter fishing
A big tripletail caught while on a charter fishing trip with Blue Line Charter Service
Record tripletail caught on a inshore fishing trip with Blue Line Charter Service
Monster tripletail caught in venice louisiana by Blue Line Charter Service


Let us take you into the Gulf of Mexico as we venture out to fish the near coastal oil rigs to catch Red Snapper, Cobia (Lemon Fish) or one of the many species who thrive at the near coastal oil rigs?   Louisiana Fishing is so unique because you can be fishing the coastal marshes for redfish then crank up the engine to head out to the offshore oil rigs. Offshore fish along with inshore fish thrive at these vertical coral reefs where you never know what will hit your bait on these exciting trips. 

Red Snapper caught while on a charter fishing trip in venice la.
Cobia being held up by a Blue Line Charter Service Captain in venice la.
An oil rig in the gulf of mexico off the coast of venice la.


Do you want to go experience the Chandeleur Islands for some of the best Speckled trout fishing Louisiana has to offer?  We are one of the few Guide Services in Venice, LA that offer our clients a chance to experience the famed Chandeleur island chain of barrier islands off our coast.  A trip you will surely remember.  

Curlew island beaches out of venice la.
A nice speckled trout caught out of venice la with blue line charter bservice
Heaviest 25 speckled trout stringer of the year out of venice la with Blue line charter service.
Wade fishing at chandeleur islands out of venice la.



We have continually heard from customers that the only complaint they had was that they were bored once they were back at the houseboat after their daytime fishing trips.  So we have solved that problem. The answer is: Catfish jug lining fishing charters. Catch fish as you relax and hangout with your crew on these exciting yet relaxing charter fishing trips

Let us take you jug lining at night for catfish.  We are the only company that offers our customers something to do at night.  We will be just minutes from the marina, yet you will experience a whole other side of Venice, LA. These Louisiana waters come alive at night and always provide a great trip for our clients.

$500 per trip

-up to 4 people, add $50 per person over 4 people.

Monster catfish caught in venice la with Blue Line Charter Service
Catfish caught while inshore fishing venice la with a jug line
Giant catfish caught jug lining on a inshore fishing charter in venice louisiana.
inshore fishing venice la using jug lines catching massive catfish.

Charter Boat Fishing and Lodging Specialist

Any Time of Year is a Good Time for Fishing in Venice. Reels are screaming, Poles are bending and Blue Line Boats are ready for you to step aboard. We have three Full time in-house fishing guides who are the best in the business. We can handle your fishing and lodging needs in-house which sets us apart from other charter companies who rely on subcontracting fishing guides and lodging for their clients. Fish, Eat, Sleep and repeat the next morning with a company you can count on. Charter Fishing the way it should be.

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