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Blue Line Charter Service is a fishing charter company out of Venice Louisiana whose specialty (or rather one of our specialties) is targeting redfish in the coastal waters in the redfish capital of the world. In this blog I want to answer a question I get asked often by fishermen. What do I think is the best setup to use when fishing for redfish (red drum)?

Over the years of running fishing charters, we have tested many different options when battling the hard fighting redfish off the coast of Venice Louisiana. Once hooked up, the powerful redfish is sure to test your tackle to its limits, from the sharp Roseau canes in Venice to rock jetties in the Gulf of Mexico you better be setup with tackle that matches the fight a redfish.



My fishing pole of choice for battling drag screaming redfish is Aqua Dream series Med-Hvy fishing rod made by Fitzgerald Fishing Rods. This fishing rod will allow you to throw long cast with ease and has the perfect amount of backbone to bring the fight to the redfish. Whether throwing a fourhorsemen popping cork with live bait or fishing artificial lures this rod gets the job doner. Here is a link to check them out.

Just as important as the fishing rod you choose when fishing for redfish, is the fishing reel you put on that fishing rod. Running fishing charters in Venice Louisiana will put your reel to the test and the reel that always stands up to that test is the Shimano Stradic 4000. This reel is tough and has a great drag system that holds up to the power of Venice Louisiana Redfish.



No angler wants to watch a fish of a lifetime swim away due to their fishing line popping. While running fishing charters we want every advantage we can get to give our clients every chance of success when fighting redfish. For this category I have 2 braided fishing lines that always hold up to the environment that Venice Louisiana offers. PowerPro 50-pound braided line and 50-pound Berkley X9 Braid. I can't say enough great things about both of these redfish catching braided lines. You will definitely be happy with both brands which give anglers the ability to catch big fish while sensitive enough to feel the softest biting fish.



My go to bait setup in Venice Louisiana while running fishing charters remains the same year-round. I start with fourhorsemen popping cork tied to the 50 pound braided fishing line that I have spooled on my Shimano Stradic 4000 fishing reel. Fishing in the murky waters of Venice Louisiana is a challenge in itself to anglers. The popping cork you choose can make or break you during your fishing trip. Fish rely on Scent, Smell and Sound to find bait in the water. The fourhorsmen popping cork is what I like to think of as my fish call. Duck hunters use Duck calls to call the ducks in, I use the fourhorsemen popping cork to call the redfish in. I then tie a 3/8 once unpainted jighead to a two foot, 40 pound Berkley Trilene Big Game fishing line leader. I then tie the leader to my fourhorsemen popping cork (Fish Calling Device).



The bait of choice for redfish fishing charters is LIVE SHRIMP. Blue Line Charter Service uses Live Shrimp on all fishing charters we run no matter what the season. When headed to Venice Louisiana to catch redfish, the first stop of your trip should be at "We Dat Bait and Tackle" on hwy 23 just minutes from Venice Marina. We Dat Bait and Tackle always has fresh caught lively shrimp. Redfish just can't seem to resist a live shrimp under a fourhorsemen popping cork making this a lethal combination at the mouth of the Mississippi river where it meets the Gulf of Mexico. From Bull Reds to juvenile Redfish this is my favorite setup while running fishing charters throughout the year. On a side note, a Louisiana Speckled Trout, Flounder, Sheepshead, Black Drum along with countless other species of fish can't resist this Live Bait setup. From daily fishing charters to recreational fishermen, Live Shrimp should be in your livewell on all your fishing trips. It is extremely rare a fish can pass up a live shrimp dangling in front of them.

We Dat Bait and Tackle,

42124 LA-23

Venice, LA 70091



State waters. Redfish size limit-16” min total length 27” max total length

Bag and Possession Limit-
Red Drum (Redfish): 5 daily per person - No more than one fish over 27” max total length


Redfish cannot be kept in federal waters.



Species Name: Sciaenops Ocellatus

Species Family: Sciaenidae

Species Order: Perciformes

Habitat: Onshore, Flats, Backcountry, Nearshore

Louisiana State Record Redfish - 61 pounds

World Record Redfish - 94 pounds 2 ounces caught in North Carolina




The ocellated spot resembles an eye and is usually on its tail base. Predators typically key on the eyes of prey, both to spot their food and to orient their attack to the anterior part of the prey. If the spot can fool a predator into attacking its tail, the redfish has a better chance of escaping that attack. Some fish have one large black spot while others have multiple spots and is generally the most distinguishing mark on the fish.




Capt Rich


Blue Line Charter Service


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How to Pick the Best Charter Fishing Companies
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Inshore charter fishing trip in Venice LA with Blue Line Charter Service.
Inshore charter fishing trip in Venice LA lodging.

When Fishing enthusiasts who want to take their fishing experience to the next level, charter fishing companies can provide them with the experience of a lifetime. Charter fishing companies offer an all-expense paid experience where you don't have to worry about bringing your own equipment or finding your own bait. The only thing you need to bring on your trip is your fishing licenses. Everything is already prepared for an unforgettable fishing trip, but the question remains: how to pick the best charter fishing company? In this blog post, we will provide you with some valuable tips to help you choose the best charter fishing company for your next fishing trip.


1. Research fishing charters:

Before you book with any charter fishing company, it is important to do your research. You can browse the internet for charter fishing companies, read reviews, check their websites and social media pages, and ask other fishermen for recommendations. Browsing the internet for reviews is a good place to start; it provides a good overview of what other clients have experienced with the service. Be on the lookout for the rating of the company as well, as a low rating could be a red flag for a company’s service offering. Check for daily social media post. Fishing Charters with daily social media post is a good start to choosing the best charter fishing company. This will also give you a real time idea of what they are catching on recent fishing trips. How many species does this charter fishing company target.

2.Look for Experience and Certifications:

When browsing through your options of Charter Fishing companies, make sure to look for companies with experience and certifications. The most important factor I believe is how many days per year do the Captains for a charter fishing company fish, not how many years experience does a charter captain have! Many clients get this wrong because they look at how many years experience does as charter captain have. Many times, the Captains who have a few years Charter Fishing experience but fish 250 days a year are the BEST. They are usually motivated and know right where to take their charter fishing clients to have a great fishing experience. For instance, companies with USCG Licensed Certified Captains, Approved Safety Standards, and staff with respectable experience levels are more likely to provide better service. Experienced Captains should always be defined by the number of charter fishing trips they run every year. This should be a fun experience from the booking process to meeting your captains on your trip date.

3. Check Their Boats and Equipment:

When going on a charter fishing trip, you’d want to ensure that the Charter Company provides the proper gear and equipment for the adventure. Such equipment could include high-quality fishing gear, GPS equipment, life vests, radio communications, radar, and more. In addition, you’d want to be sure your vessel is large enough for your party, safe and comfortable in rough seas. Look out for up-to-date equipment; reliable fishing vessels with modern navigational equipment give you more stability, safety, and comfort. Quality fishing tackle is also a must on your charter, you want to be able to catch the fish you hook. The charter companies who thrive use the best fishing rods, reels, fishing line and tackle on the market to give their clients every advantage they can to maximize their catch. Quality Fishing equipment combined with experienced captains equals a fun day fishing with your crew.

4. Ask About Their Customer Service:

A good charter fishing company should be able to offer good customer service. It essential for their clients to be well-informed, settled and comfortable throughout the entire trip. Be sure to ask the company about their Communication and Customer care process, flexibility, and their overall reputation in their customers' eyes. What is their weather cancelation policy? Remember a good charter fishing Captain will be fishing most days so give them a chance to return your phone call. Give the charter fishing company until the evening to get in touch with you before calling your second and third choice charter fishing company.

5. Determine their Pricing and Overall Value:

Charter fishing companies may offer different pricing schemes, so make sure you understand the pricing and what is included in the package. Look at what's included in the main price. Many Charter fishing companies will appear cheaper than their competitors however they will add extra cost to your total bill such as an added charge for live bait or an added charge for fish cleaning. Ask if discounts or special packages are available for frequent clients or group bookings. Doing a comparative analysis of the pricing and the services offered by different charter fishing companies helps you get the maximum value, and better experience for your trip.

6. How many full time in-house fishing guides does the charter fishing company have.

If your group will require more than one boat on your charter fishing trip this is important. Will the charter fishing company you book subcontract extra charter fishing boats for your group? Or does the charter fishing company have Full time in-house fishing guides to handle larger groups? Generally, the companies with in-house fishing guides give a great fishing experience. The in-house charter fishing guides know each other personally and professionally and run charter fishing trips together daily. Do you want your fishing trip run by severasl random charter fishing guides who were available on the date you picked, or do you wan professional in-house full time fishing guides who have a great personal and working relationship? The answer is simple - Charter Fishing Companies with Full time in-house fishing guides is best choice for your next charter fishing trip.


Can you book your fishing trip and lodging through your charter fishing company.

Will you be able to book any lodging needs through the charter fishing company you choose. It's always easier when clients are able to book your charter fishing trip, lodging for your visit and sometimes even All-inclusive packages through the same company. All-inclusive packages make your trip hassle free. These packages often include Charter fishing trips, lodging, food and drinks in the boat and food and drinks at your lodging destination making for a great experience. Can the charter captain pick you up from the dock at your lodging the morning of the trip?


Choosing the best charter fishing company can be challenging, but by conducting your research, focusing on the number of fishing trips the charter fishing Guide runs per year, experience and certifications, checking their vessels and equipment, looking at their customer service, Charter fishing companies with more than one full time in-house Charter fishing captains, and determining their pricing and overall value, you can make your choice more comfortable. Fishing charters should be an experience anglers will remember. The experience with family and friends will be something you will remember, so choose wisely. Check Charter fishing companies' social media to see what they are catching, check out their website, Captains Backgrounds and Fishing equipment are all factors to consider. These tips will guide you to choose a charter fishing company that will provide you with the best fishing experience with your kids, family and friends. Be ready for the amazing adventure only a fishing charter can offer. From chasing redfish on an inshore fishing charter in Venice Louisiana to targeting Bluefin Tuna on an offshore charter in the Atlantic Ocean these tips will lead you to the charter fishing companies who are the best in the business.

Journey Through Time: A Look at the History of the Chandeleur Islands.
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Chandeleur Islands with a venice fishing guide
surf fishing on curlew island with Blue Line Charter Service

The Chandeleur Islands have captured the hearts of fishermen and outdoorsmen for years. Positioned off the coast of Louisiana and Mississippi, the chain of islands is home to some of the country's most abundant fisheries and picturesque landscapes. However, the islands' rich history dates back centuries, beginning with Native American tribes and extending into the modern-day. So, let’s take a journey through time and explore the fascinating past of the Chandeleur Islands. The name Chandeleur can be traced back to a French holiday called “Chandeleur,” or Candlemas, which falls on FebruaryAccording to legend, when early French explorers stumbled upon the chain of islands on that date, they decided to give it that moniker. However, artifacts and remains discovered on the islands suggest that Native Americans inhabited the region well before European explorers ever reached it. The islands offered an abundance of oysters and seafood, making them a popular spot for native tribes, such as the Biloxi and Pascagoula, to live and fish. Present day, a Chandeleur islands fishing trip is a Speckled Trout fishing experience of a lifetime. Redfish and Speckled trout thrive at these barrier islands off the coast of Louisiana and Mississippi.

In the 1800s, fishermen from all over the Gulf began visiting the Chandeleur Islands to harvest fish and shrimp. The islands quickly became a hub for the fishing industry, with many fishermen choosing to make a permanent residence there to take advantage of the area's abundant offerings. During this period, the remote islands became home to multiple fishing lodges, general stores, and even a school for the children of fishermen. in 1915.

Finally, it is hard to talk about the Chandeleur Islands without mentioning the pristine landscape of these uninhabited barrier islands that attracts visitors from all over. From chandeleur islands fishing charters to bird watchers these islands are an outdoorsmans dream location. The islands range from small sandbars to substantial land masses, all blanketed in vast marshland, seagrass beds, and glittering white sand beaches. Its calm and shallow waters make it an ideal site for birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts to witness a diverse range of habitats, including sea turtles, bottlenose dolphins, and more than 130 species of birds. While surf fishermen reel in big, speckled trout while wading in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico.


History of the Chandeleur Islands: Breton Island, Grand Gosier, and Curlew Islands.

The Chandeleur Islands have a rich history that goes beyond being a popular fishing spot for anglers. The archipelago comprises four islands, including Breton Island, Grand Gosier, Curlew Island, and North Island. These remote islands located off the coast of Louisiana offer breathtaking views, a serene environment, and a glimpse into history. In this blog post, we’ll explore the history of the Chandeleur Islands, focusing mainly on Breton Island, Grand Gosier, and Curlew Islands. These islands are an easy run from Venice where we target Speckled Trout and Redfish.


Breton Island:

Breton Island is the largest of the Chandeleur Islands, spanning just over 7,000 acres. The island is named after Armand Duplantier de Bretton, who received the island as a grant from French King Louis XV in 1770. This island has seen its fair share of conflicts over the years, serving as a site for World War II military operations and a base for fishermen and trappers in the early 1900s. In 1978, Hurricane Bob caused significant damage to the island, leading to the creation of Breton National Wildlife Refuge. Today, this Island is a remote location accessible only by boat or seaplane, featuring sandy beaches, migrating bird populations, and an abundance of marine life. A recent restoration project restored the Island before it disappeared into the Gulf of Mexico forever.

Grand Gosier:

Grand Gosier is the second-largest island in the Chandeleur Islands. Its name is derived from the French term “gros serre,” meaning “big shears” due to the shoal’s shape. Grand Gosier saw an increase in shipping traffic in the late 1800s, leading to the establishment of a lighthouse on the island in 1876. The lighthouse served until 1955, after which it was replaced by a steel structure.

Curlew Island:

Curlew Island is the smallest of the Chandeleur Islands, spanning just over 200 acres. Its name is aptly derived from the bird species found in the area, the long-billed curlew. Like the other islands in the archipelago, Curlew Island was also used as a base for fishermen and trappers in the early 1900s. Later in the century, it also became a site for oil and gas exploration. However, Hurricane Katrina devastated Curlew Island, causing major erosion and splitting the island in two. In recent years, restoration efforts have taken place to address erosion on the island.

The Chandeleur Islands' rich history dates back thousands of years and spans over countless phases, from Native American tribes to the bustling fishing community of the early 1900s. Despite the natural disasters and population decline, the islands remain an iconic hub for fishers and nature lovers alike. Its spectacular surroundings and abundance of wildlife continue to mesmerize visitors from around the world, allowing them to experience a different time and place. The legacy of the Chandeleur Islands is one of resilience, adaptability, and wild beauty that will continue to shape the region for generations to come. The islands have seen their fair share of conflicts, from World War II military operations to Hurricane Katrina devastation. However, they have managed to endure and are now popular spots for fishing, birding, and outdoor recreation. By exploring the history of Breton Island, Grand Gosier, and Curlew Island, we can gain a deeper appreciation for these remote locations, and the natural beauty they offer. So, whether you're a seasoned angler or just looking for a serene escape, be sure to add the Chandeleur Islands fishing trip to your bucket list! The chandeleur island chain needs us as outdoorsmen to make sure we don't allow them to wash away into history due to erosion. These islands are important barrier islands for the Gulf coast and are filled with forgotten history. As a kid I fished these islands with my Dad and made memories of a lifetime. We stayed at the Chandeleur islander fishing Lodge, which is still one of my most memorable experiences with my Dad. All fishermen need to check the islander hotel out for a true fishing experience of a lifetime.To this day I get excited every time I run a chandeleur islands fishing charters with my clients. Like me as a kid, my kids absolutely love the fishing trips we take to these uninhabited barrier islands. The day always ends with my kids walking on the beach shoreline collecting seashells and catching hermit crabs. These islands offer light tackle fishing and fly fishing opportunies, giving anglers a chance to test their angling skills.

There are only 2 ways to get to the chandeleur islands, by Boat and By Sea plane. Foe a seaplane trip to the Chandeleur islands give Southern SeaPlane, Inc a call.

speckled trout charter fishing at chandeleur islands

Southern  Seaplane

Chandeleur Islander | Southern Seaplane



To experience the full Chandeleur experience, I recommend everyone stay a few nights at the Chandeleur Islander Fishing Lodge.

Chandleur Islander Fishing Lodge (


Contact Blue Line Charter Service out of Venice La to schedule your Chandeleur islands fishing charters where you will enjoy a scenic boat ride through the Gulf of Mexico.

Capt Rich

Blue Line Charter Service


A Chandeleur islands fishing charters awaits you.

Experience the Chandeleur Islands now.

Venice, Louisiana Fishing: The Complete Guide
Article #4

Fishing in Venice, Louisiana is a popular activity for both locals and visitors due to its prime location near the Mississippi River Delta and the Gulf of Mexico. Known as the "Tuna Town," Venice offers excellent opportunities for both inshore and offshore fishing. Here is a complete guide to fishing in Venice, Louisiana:

  1. Seasons: Venice Louisiana offers great fishing year round. A great trip awaits you no matter the time of year.

  2. Charter Fishing: Booking a fishing charter is a popular option for anglers visiting Venice. Professional guides and charters can provide you with the necessary equipment, knowledge, and expertise to make the most of your fishing trip. They know the local waters well and can take you to the best fishing spots. There are several charter options available, ranging from inshore trips to deep-sea adventures.

  3. Targeted Species: Venice offers a wide range of fish species to target. Inshore fishing often focuses on Redfish (slot size), bull reds, speckled trout, flounder, Tripletail, mangrove snapper and sheepshead. Some popular targets for offshore trips include yellowfin tuna, blackfin tuna, blue marlin, wahoo, mahi-mahi, and red snapper. Experience the famed midnight lump in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Venice. The specific species you target may vary depending on the time of year and fishing conditions. Bull reds in Venice school up in the fall, as anglers from around the world come to Venice to target these aggressive schools of bull reds.

  4. Tackle and Gear: The type of tackle and gear you need will depend on the species you plan to target. For offshore fishing, heavy-duty rods, reels, and lines are necessary to handle big game fish. Inshore fishing typically requires lighter tackle, such as medium-action rods and spinning reels. It's a good idea to consult with your fishing charter or local tackle shops for specific recommendations based on your target species. It's always nice to step onboard a top-of-the-line boat in the morning as you meet your Charter Captain and prepare for an action packed day.

  5. Local Regulations: Make sure you have the appropriate fishing licenses. Louisiana requires both a basic fishing license and a saltwater fishing license for anglers over the age of 16. These licenses can be obtained online through the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries website or at local retailers.

  6. Safety Considerations: Safety should always be a top priority when on the water. Make sure to wear appropriate clothing, including sunscreen and a hat, to protect yourself from the sun. Follow the instructions and guidelines provided by your fishing charter captain to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. It's also important to stay updated on weather conditions and be aware of any potential hazards on the water.

  7. Accommodations and Amenities: Venice has various accommodations available, ranging from lodges to rental homes and campsites. It's recommended to book your accommodations in advance, especially during peak fishing seasons. There are also local restaurants and marinas where you can find supplies, fuel, and other amenities.

  8. Local Regulations: Familiarize yourself with local fishing regulations and size limits to ensure you are in compliance with the law. Louisiana has specific rules and regulations regarding bag limits, slot limits, and seasonal closures for certain species. Always practice catch-and-release when appropriate and respect the environment.

  9. Additional Activities: While fishing is the primary attraction in Venice, there are other activities you can enjoy in the area. You can explore the scenic wetlands, go birdwatching, or take eco-tours to learn more about the local wildlife and ecosystem.

Remember, conditions and regulations can change, so it's always a good idea to check with local authorities or fishing charters for the most up-to-date information before planning your fishing trip to Venice. Fishing Charters are the way to go when visiting Venice so you can have a great time, catch fish and have the trip of a lifetime.

fishing guide in venice la
fishing guide in venice la


Chartering a fishing guide in Venice, Louisiana can be an excellent choice for any angler looking for an unforgettable fishing experience. Here are ten compelling reasons to consider chartering a fishing guide in Venice.


  1. Expert Local Knowledge: Fishing guides in Venice, Louisiana possess extensive knowledge of the local waters, including the best fishing spots, migration patterns, and seasonal hotspots. Their expertise can significantly increase your chances of a successful and productive trip. Louisiana fishing charters in Venice offer anglers a chance to experience the best fishing on the Gulf Coast with the best in the business.

  2. Abundant Fish Species: Venice, Louisiana is renowned for its incredible diversity of fish species. Whether you're targeting redfish, speckled trout, flounder, snapper,, or even offshore monsters like Yellowfin tuna, blue marlin or swordfish, a fishing guide can take you to the right spots and help you catch your desired species.

  3. Access to Remote Locations: The Mississippi River Delta and the marshes surrounding Venice offer countless fishing opportunities. Hiring a guide ensures that you can access remote locations that are otherwise challenging to reach without local knowledge, giving you access to less pressured and more productive fishing grounds.

  4. Proper Equipment and Tackle: Guides typically provide all the necessary equipment and tackle for your trip. This saves you the hassle of bringing your own gear or worrying about having the right equipment for the specific techniques you'll be using. Charter Fishing allows you to relax and enjoy your day without worrying about the small things.

  5. Learning Experience: Fishing guides are not only skilled anglers but also excellent teachers. They can provide valuable insights and tips on various fishing techniques, bait selection, casting techniques, and more. You can improve your skills and learn new fishing strategies while enjoying your trip.

  6. Safety and Convenience: Chartering a fishing guide ensures a safe and hassle-free fishing experience. They are experienced in navigating the local waters and are equipped with all the required safety gear. Moreover, they handle logistics such as boat handling, fishing licenses, and cleaning your catch, allowing you to focus solely on enjoying the fishing adventure.

  7. Customized Trips: Fishing guides can tailor your fishing charters to suit your preferences and skill level. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced angler, they can adjust the trip's duration, fishing techniques, and target species to meet your specific needs and desires.

  8. Year-Round Fishing Opportunities on Venice fishing charters: Venice, Louisiana offers fantastic fishing opportunities throughout the year. With a fishing guide, you can capitalize on the changing seasons and fish for different species depending on the time of year, ensuring that you have an exciting and rewarding fishing experience no matter when you visit.

  9. Conservation and Ethical Fishing Practices: . They are knowledgeable about local regulations and catch limits, and they can teach you the importance of responsible angling, ensuring the preservation of the fishery for future generations.

  10. Unforgettable Memories: Last but not least, chartering a guide in Venice, Louisiana promises an unforgettable adventure. The breathtaking scenery, the thrill of hooking into a big fish, and the camaraderie with your guide make for lasting memories that you'll cherish for years to come. Fishing Charters with your family will leave lasting memories of your drag screaming experience.

Chartering a guide in Venice, Louisiana provides an incredible opportunity to explore world-class fishing grounds and enhance your angling skills while enjoying the beauty of the area

What We Catch

Inshore fishing charters offers a variety of species for anglers to catch. Some common fish that can be caught while charter fishing in Venice include:

  1. Redfish (Red Drum): Redfish are a popular catch in Louisiana and are known for their strong fighting abilities. They can be found inshore in marshy areas, around oyster reefs, and along grassy shorelines.

  2. Speckled Trout (Spotted Seatrout): Speckled trout are another prized catch in the area. They are often found near oyster reefs, grassy flats, and in deeper channels.

  3. Flounder: Flounder are flatfish that can be caught inshore in Venice. They are commonly found near sandy or muddy bottoms, and around structures such as docks and bridges.

  4. Black Drum: Black drum are abundant in Louisiana waters and can be caught inshore. They are often found near oyster beds, marshes, and around bridges and jetties. They can grow to impressive sizes and provide a good challenge for anglers.

  5. Sheepshead: Sheepshead are known for their distinctive teeth and vertical black stripes. They are often found near structures such as pilings, jetties, and docks. Sheepshead have a reputation for being finicky eaters, so they can present a challenge to anglers.

  6. Tripletail: Tripletail are unique-looking fish that are often found near floating debris, crab traps, and channel markers. They are known for their camouflage ability, as they blend in with their surroundings. Tripletail can be caught inshore and provide a fun angling experience. Blue Line Charter Service has become the premier Tripletail charter service in Venice. Our results speak for themselves.

tripletail charters venice louisiana


Full Time in-house fishing guides - Lodging - All Inclusive fishing Packages - Customized Trips.

fishing guide in venice la

Venice, LA: "The Redfish Capital of the World".

Venice, Louisiana is often referred to as "The Redfish Capital of the World" due to its reputation as a prime location for redfish fishing. There are several reasons why Venice has earned this title:

  1. Abundant Redfish Population: The waters surrounding Venice, particularly in the Mississippi River Delta and nearby marshes, are teeming with redfish. These fish, also known as red drum, thrive in the estuarine environment of the area. The vast network of marshes, channels, and shallow waters provide an ideal habitat for redfish, leading to a high concentration of these fish in the Venice area.

  2. Size and Trophy Fish: Venice is known for producing large redfish, including trophy-sized specimens. Anglers flock to Venice in pursuit of the chance to catch oversized redfish, some weighing over 30 pounds. These impressive catches contribute to the area's reputation as a premier destination for redfish fishing.

  3. Variety of Fishing Options: Venice offers diverse fishing opportunities for redfish enthusiasts. Anglers can choose from various techniques such as sight fishing in the shallows, targeting redfish in the marshes, or venturing offshore for nearshore and deep-sea fishing. The range of options caters to different preferences and skill levels, making Venice an attractive destination for anglers of all kinds.

  4. Year-Round Redfish Season: Unlike some areas where redfish are more seasonal, Venice offers year-round fishing opportunities for these fish. Redfish can be caught in different seasons, making it a popular destination for anglers looking to fish for redfish throughout the year.

  5. Professional Fishing Tournaments: Venice has hosted numerous professional redfish tournaments over the years, further enhancing its reputation as the "Redfish Capital of the World." These tournaments attract skilled anglers from around the globe and showcase the abundance and quality of red fish in the area.

It is important to note that the title "Redfish Capital of the World" is a designation that has been bestowed upon Venice through the collective recognition of anglers, fishing enthusiasts, and the fishing industry as a whole, based on the factors mentioned above. For the offshore anglers Venice la is known as "Tuna Town" because of the world class Yellowfin Tuna fishing in the deep sea waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Other pelagic species such as wahoo are a favorite of offshore anglers visiting Venice la. Offshore fish such as Gag grouper and Scamp grouper call the oil rigs home off the coast of Venice la making for a memorable experience. Venice la fishing offers big game fishing that is unmatched anywhere else on the gulf coast.


  • Live Shrimp under a four horsemen cork is king in Venice, LA.

  • Dead Shrimp

  • Black matrix shad with a chartreuse tail

  • Gold Spoon

  • Spinner Baits


fishing guide in venice la


Article #5

Venice Louisiana is located at the mouth of the Mississippi River just an hour and a half south of New Orleans. Venice fishing is like no other on the Gulf Coast and attracts fishermen from all over the world. The Mississippi River Delta offers anglers a chance to catch a massive variety of fish species, from big bull redfish while inshore fishing to trophy Yellowfin Tuna while offshore fishing in the blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The vast Mississippi delta offers a perfect habitat where redfish thrive like no other place in the world, giving Venice the name of the redfish capital of the world. Venice fishing is the ultimate fishing destination of all Louisiana fishing destinations where all skill levels of anglers will have a great time and catch fish like they are experienced anglers. Venice Fishing is always taken to the next level when anglers choose to fish with a fishing charter on their trip such as Blue Line Charter Service out of Venice Marina. Fishing charters are always a great choice to ensure you have a great fishing trip wile in Venice LA. Guided fishing trips let you relax and just worry about having a great time. The fishing guides in Venice la are some of the best in the world and are true professionals. An experienced Captain makes booking a fishing charter totally worth it allowing you to target species such as red fish, speckled trout, tripletail, flounder, black drum on an inshore Venice fishing Charter. Then for the offshore anglers who choose one of the offshore Venice fishing charters will target pelagic species such as yellowfin tuna, blackfin tun and wahoo to name a few of the species that thrive in the blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Venice Louisiana. Call Blue Line Charter Service for a fishing trip of a lifetime with a guide service you can count.

VENICE FISHING: Voted Best Fishing on the Gulf Coast.

Anglers from all over the world including anglers from other states that also boarder the Gulf Coast for one simple reason. Venice fishing is leaps and bounds better than any other location on the Gulf coast. The weather in Venice offers anglers a chance to fish year round in this Fishermans paradise. Lodging at Venice Marina while on your trip to Venice lets you relax on a houseboat after a day of catching drag pulling fish.

Capt Rich

Blue Line Charter Service

fishing guide in venice la
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Tripletail Fishing Charters in Venice Louisiana with Captain Rich, Captain Drew and Captain Shane of Blue Line Charter Service.

Tripletail fishing charters venice la

Venice Louisiana is known as "The Redfish Capital of the World" but should also be known as "The Tripletail Capital of the World".

tripletail charter fishing in venice louisiana

Tripletail Fishing Charters at the mouth of the Mississippi River.

Record tripletail - Louisiana Sportsman

Louisiana Sportsman › inshore-fishing

May 12, 2022 — Brett Plummer landed this 31.6-pound tripletail that will be No. 8 in the state while on board with Capt. Rich McCloskey on ...

Record Tripletail caught on a tripletail charter.


Tripletail fishing charters:

A fish known for its distinctive three-lobed tail. Tripletail are found in warm waters around the world, particularly in coastal areas, and are popular among anglers for their hard-fighting nature and delicious taste. Venice la "The Redfish Capital of the World" has become the "Tripletail Capital of the World" with record Tripletail being caught by anglers on tripletail fishing charters in recent years. Venice la offers anglers the chance to catch Redfish (slot size), Bull Reds, Speckled Trout, Red Snapper, Mangrove Snapper, Black Drum, Sheepshead, Flounder and Cobia while fishing the thriving waters of the Gulf of Mexico at the mouth of the Mississippi River. Be prepared to take lots of photos on your fishing charters with Capt Rich, Capt Drew and Capt Shane of Blue Line Charter Service. The unbelievable fishery of Venice Louisiana is amazing in itself whether you target Redfish or target Tripletail in this Sportsmans Paradise. Pound for pound, Tripletail scream drag and fight like a freight train as they rip drag and break the surface putting on an epic show for everyone on-board. After we are done Triple tail fishing, targeting redfish before headed back to the marina is always an option. Venice offers anglers the chance to catch Redfish (slot size) or target the schools of bull Reds who hunt these waters in the fall looking for prey. During Red Snapper season, Snapper fishing is another option that is always fun. And don't be surprised when you hook into a yellow mouth Speckled Trout while fishing well heads off the Louisiana coast.


Blue Line Charter Service: Tripletail fishing charters out of Venice la with a proven track record of landing trophy tripletail. Blue Line Charter Service in Venice Louisiana specializes in Tripletail fishing at the mouth of the Mississippi river delta where world class Tripletail roam the waters. A Blue Line Captain is a professional charter captain who is knowledgeable about the local waters and can provide a tailored fishing experience targeting tripletail. Here are some key details about Blue Line Charter Service:

  1. Expertise: Blue Line Charter Service is one of the few fishing charters on the Louisiana Coast that focuses on tripletail fishing, which means your Captain has extensive knowledge and experience specifically targeting these fish. They understand the behavior, feeding patterns, and preferred habitats of tripletail in the Venice area. You will quickly discover what the hype is about the second you feel the strike and you set the hook on your Tripletail Charter. Once hooked, the fight will test your rods, reels and tackle as you fight to keep the fish from breaking you off in a Louisiana well head.

  2. Equipment/Tackle/Baits: Blue Line Charter Service provides all the necessary fishing equipment, including quality rods, reels, tackle, and bait. Your Captain will have gear suitable for tripletail fishing, ensuring that you have the right tools to maximize your chances of success. The go to for Venice Tripletail fishing charters is Live bait, with live shrimp and live mullet being king. Small crabs free lined are also hard for a Tripletail to resist when ready to feed. Artificial lures also work while on Tripletail fishing charters but are no match for live bait. Artificial lures such as jigs, soft plastics, and topwater plugs can be effective. Use medium to heavy spinning or baitcasting rods with a strong reel and braided line, as tripletail can be powerful fighters. Adjust your bait selection based on the preferences of the fish and the conditions. Be ready for some drag screaming action when you hook into one of these monsters during your Tripletail fishing charters in Venice. Costa sunglasses are also great to bring on your trip to pierce through the surface to hunt what is beneath the surface. Very few things are more exciting then watching a fish eat your bait underwater as you prepare to set the hook.

  3. Knowledge: Blue Line Captains are full time professional fishing Guides who are at the top of their profession. They possess insider knowledge about the best spots, productive techniques, and optimal times to target tripletail. Their expertise can greatly enhance your fishing experience and allow you to discover why Venice Louisiana is considered to be a Sportsmans Paradise. Hiring a local fishing guide or charter service can greatly enhance your chances of success. An experienced Captain is familiar with the area's hotspots, techniques, and current conditions. They can provide valuable insights and help you make the most of your fishing trip. A great Charter Captain ensures you have a great trip. Tripletail fishing charters is the way to go for fishermen who come to Venice la with hopes to land a Tripletail of a lifetime. Tripletail charter fishing has become very popular over the last 5 years with anglers coming from all over the world for their chance to catch a record Tripletail.

  4. Sight Fishing: Venice offers excellent opportunities to sight fish on tripletail fishing charters. Use polarized sunglasses to scan the water's surface, focusing on the shady areas around structures. Tripletail can be tricky to spot, as they blend in with their surroundings, resembling pieces of floating debris. Look for their distinct shape and the characteristic "triangle" dorsal fin. Get hooked up to a Tripletail of a lifetime near an oil rig and prepare for battle with these prehistoric looking predators.

  5. Structure Fishing: Look for tripletail near oil rigs, wellheads, channel markers, buoys, crab traps, and other floating structures. Tripletail often hang around these structures, using them as ambush points to feed on small baitfish and crustaceans.

  6. Techniques: Cast your lure or bait near the structure or buoy where tripletail are likely to be present. Allow it to sink naturally or work it slowly around the edges of the structure. Tripletail can be quite cautious, so a subtle and realistic presentation often entices strikes. If using live bait, suspend it under a cork or float to keep it at the desired depth.

  7. Safety and Convenience: Charter services like Blue Line Charter Service typically prioritize safety and customer satisfaction. They ensure that their boats are well-maintained and equipped with necessary safety gear. They also handle logistics, such as acquiring fishing licenses and permits, so you can focus on enjoying your fishing trip.

  8. Personalized Trips: Charter services often offer personalized fishing trips to cater to your preferences and skill level. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced angler, they can tailor the trip to suit your needs, providing guidance and instruction as required. A quality Charter Captain thrives to give you an overall fishing experience.

  9. Booking and Availability: To book a trip with Blue Line Charter Service, you can visit their website, contact them via phone or email. Blue Line Charter Service also has several lodging options available. Our lodging is located on the water where your Captain for the day can pick you up directly from there the morning of your trip. It's recommended to book in advance, especially during peak fishing seasons or if you have specific dates in mind. After a great day on your Tripletail fishing charters with Capt Rich, Capt Drew or Capt Shane relax at a Blue Line Houseboat located in the world famous Venice Marina. Don't wait, call now and get ready to get on-board. Blue Line Charter Service takes the hassle out of booking fishing charters. Our fishing charter pricing has Live Bait and fish cleaning included in your price with no hidden fees after your trip. Fish cleaning is done by one of our full time fishing guides or the Venice Marina fish cleaning service. Bring your own Drinks, snacks and lunch or we can provide your drinks, lunch and snacks letting you just step on-board and get ready to head to the fertile waters along the coastline of the Gulf of Mexico. We have a food and drink menu to choose from to customize which food and drinks you want on the boat for your trip.

  10. Season and Timing: Tripletail fishing charters in Venice is productive year-round, but the best months are generally from April to December when the water temperatures are warmer. Spring and fall are particularly popular for targeting larger fish. Blue Line Charter Service had an angler on board last April who landed #9 Tripletail under the Louisiana State Records. Tripletail charters are a fan favorite with Blue Line Charter Service Clientele. Our Captains are true professionals who have amazing backgrounds giving us a distinct advantage in the fishing world. We can handle large groups inhouse unlike other guide services who will subcontract your group out to random fishing guides. Blue Line Charter Service offers: Charter Fishing, Duck Hunting Charters, Lodging, All-inclusive packages, customized fishing charters, Family trips and Corporate trips. Get hooked up now. The wait is over and the hunt is on as fall approaches in Venice. Triple tail are not only great to catch, but they are also great to eat. Once you eat a Triple tail it will become one of your favorite fish to catch for sure. Fish, Eat and Relax on your trip to Venice. Cobia also migrate through Venice in the fall making for a combo trip you will remember. Cobia can be targeted near the same area that triple tail roam in the fall.

tripletail charters venice la

Tripletail set up:

Rod: Daiwa Harrier Medium/Heavy Spinning Rod

Reel: Daiwa MQ 5000

Line: 80c pound power pro braided line.

Leader: 80 pound Seaguar fluorocarbon

Hook: Gamakatsu Saltwater Live Bait Hook 5/0

tripletail charters venice la


The scientific name of the tripletail - Lobotes surinamensis

  • Tripletail has the ability to change its color from a mix of white and black to either black or white.

  • Tripletail grow at a rapid pace their first year.

  • Their gills are razor sharp.

  • Tripletail a firm and tasty meat, similar to Red Snapper.

  • Tripletail lie on its sides to mimic floating weeds or any materials near them.

BLUE LINE CHARTER SERVICE: Your go to guide service for Tripletail Fishing Charters in Venice Louisiana.

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Venice, Louisiana 70091

We offer our Clients top of the line Captains, top of the line equipment, top of the line lodging, top of the line food, to produce an experience of a lifetime which we believe our clients deserve.

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