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How to Pick the Best Charter Fishing Companies

When Fishing enthusiasts who want to take their fishing experience to the next level, charter fishing companies can provide them with the experience of a lifetime. Charter fishing companies offer an all-expense paid experience where you don't have to worry about bringing your own equipment or finding your own bait. The only thing you need to bring on your trip is your fishing licenses. Everything is already prepared for an unforgettable fishing trip, but the question remains: how to pick the best charter fishing company? In this blog post, we will provide you with some valuable tips to help you choose the best charter fishing company for your next fishing trip.

1. Research fishing charters:

Before you book with any charter fishing company, it is important to do your research. You can browse the internet for charter fishing companies, read reviews, check their websites and social media pages, and ask other fishermen for recommendations. Browsing the internet for reviews is a good place to start; it provides a good overview of what other clients have experienced with the service. Be on the lookout for the rating of the company as well, as a low rating could be a red flag for a company’s service offering. Check for daily social media post. Fishing Charters with daily social media post is a good start to choosing the best charter fishing company. This will also give you a real time idea of what they are catching on recent fishing trips. How many species does this charter fishing company target.

2.Look for Experience and Certifications:

When browsing through your options of Charter Fishing companies, make sure to look for companies with experience and certifications. The most important factor I believe is how many days per year do the Captains for a charter fishing company fish, not how many years experience does a charter captain have! Many clients get this wrong because they look at how many years experience does as charter captain have. Many times, the Captains who have a few years Charter Fishing experience but fish 250 days a year are the BEST. They are usually motivated and know right where to take their charter fishing clients to have a great fishing experience. For instance, companies with USCG Licensed Certified Captains, Approved Safety Standards, and staff with respectable experience levels are more likely to provide better service. Experienced Captains should always be defined by the number of charter fishing trips they run every year. This should be a fun experience from the booking process to meeting your captains on your trip date.

3. Check Their Boats and Equipment:

When going on a charter fishing trip, you’d want to ensure that the Charter Company provides the proper gear and equipment for the adventure. Such equipment could include high-quality fishing gear, GPS equipment, life vests, radio communications, radar, and more. In addition, you’d want to be sure your vessel is large enough for your party, safe and comfortable in rough seas. Look out for up-to-date equipment; reliable fishing vessels with modern navigational equipment give you more stability, safety, and comfort. Quality fishing tackle is also a must on your charter, you want to be able to catch the fish you hook. The charter companies who thrive use the best fishing rods, reels, fishing line and tackle on the market to give their clients every advantage they can to maximize their catch. Quality Fishing equipment combined with experienced captains equals a fun day fishing with your crew.

4. Ask About Their Customer Service:

A good charter fishing company should be able to offer good customer service. It essential for their clients to be well-informed, settled and comfortable throughout the entire trip. Be sure to ask the company about their Communication and Customer care process, flexibility, and their overall reputation in their customers' eyes. What is their weather cancelation policy? Remember a good charter fishing Captain will be fishing most days so give them a chance to return your phone call. Give the charter fishing company until the evening to get in touch with you before calling your second and third choice charter fishing company.

5. Determine their Pricing and Overall Value:

Charter fishing companies may offer different pricing schemes, so make sure you understand the pricing and what is included in the package. Look at what's included in the main price. Many Charter fishing companies will appear cheaper than their competitors however they will add extra cost to your total bill such as an added charge for live bait or an added charge for fish cleaning. Ask if discounts or special packages are available for frequent clients or group bookings. Doing a comparative analysis of the pricing and the services offered by different charter fishing companies helps you get the maximum value, and better experience for your trip.

6. How many full-time in-house fishing guides does the charter fishing company have.

If your group will require more than one boat on your charter fishing trip this is important. Will the charter fishing company you book subcontract extra charter fishing boats for your group? Or does the charter fishing company have Full time in-house fishing guides to handle larger groups? Generally, the companies with in-house fishing guides give a great fishing experience. The in-house charter fishing guides know each other personally and professionally and run charter fishing trips together daily. Do you want your fishing trip run by several random charter fishing guides who were available on the date you picked, or do you wan professional in-house full time fishing guides who have a great personal and working relationship? The answer is simple - Charter Fishing Companies with Full time in-house fishing guides is best choice for your next charter fishing trip.

7.Can you book your fishing trip and lodging through your charter fishing company.

Will you be able to book any lodging needs through the charter fishing company you choose. It's always easier when clients are able to book your charter fishing trip, lodging for your visit and sometimes even All-inclusive packages through the same company. All-inclusive packages make your trip hassle free. These packages often include Charter fishing trips, lodging, food and drinks in the boat and food and drinks at your lodging destination making for a great experience. Can the charter captain pick you up from the dock at your lodging the morning of the trip?

Choosing the best charter fishing company can be challenging, but by conducting your research, focusing on the number of fishing trips the charter fishing Guide runs per year, experience and certifications, checking their vessels and equipment, looking at their customer service, Charter fishing companies with more than one full time in-house Charter fishing captains, and determining their pricing and overall value, you can make your choice more comfortable. Fishing charters should be an experience anglers will remember. The experience with family and friends will be something you will remember, so choose wisely. Check Charter fishing companies' social media to see what they are catching, check out their website, Captains Backgrounds and Fishing equipment are all factors to consider. These tips will guide you to choose a charter fishing company that will provide you with the best fishing experience with your kids, family and friends. Be ready for the amazing adventure only a fishing charter can offer. From chasing redfish on an inshore fishing charter in Venice Louisiana to targeting Bluefin Tuna on an offshore charter in the Atlantic Ocean these tips will lead you to the charter fishing companies who are the best in the business.


Capt Rich (Owner-Captain)

Blue Line Charter Service


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